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Building a Skincare Routine

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Theres a million different versions of the perfect skin routine. I find the best skincare routine are the ones that match your skin current state, Which means it will change as your skin changes!

Your skins job is to act as a barrier from bacteria, UV rays and so many other things. Your skin regenerate every 27 days, so every 27 you may have to tweak your routine. So I find it best to keep it simple. As long as you have these 3 factors, babe you're in the money.

  • Cleanse

  • Treat

  • Moisturize

1. Cleanse

Cleaning your skin should be the first step in any skin routine. Washing away impurities, make-up and unclog pores. However don't do this too often with dry or sensitive skin , it could breakdown your skins protective barrier. Try using a mild soap with no/light or all natural fragrance.

2. Treat

Treating the skin can be a toner, serum, under-eye treatment and a multitude of other specialties. This part is where your routine gets personal. If you struggle with hyperpigmentation, vitamin C serum can help brighten your skin. Struggle with acne a toner can put you pH back on track.

3. Moisture

Moisturizing your skin keeps it hydrated and looking youthful. This part is definitely important in the colder months, where artificial heat is kicked up. Cold and windy conditions may dehydrate your face due to lack of humidity in the environment. Dryness can also be caused by irritating products that can strip natural oils, like those with alcohol, astringents and harsh acids. Use a light or heavy moisturizer based on your skin conditions.

During the day your last step should be sunscreen at night skip the SPF and opt for products that stimulate cell turnover while you get your beauty sleep.

*Alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic and retinol can be used at night as well

Whatever, your set-up just make sure you pay attention to your skin and respond accordingly.


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