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Butters Vs. Lotions

So recently I have been getting the question "what is the big difference between butters and lotion?" Don't they do basically the same thing ? Well, kinda sort ish, lets get into it!


Butters are rich in vitamins, smooth melt like texture and usually smell delicious. They have many natural ingredients that are anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and great for the skin. However the common misconception with butters is that it's an extreme moisturizer. Body Butters even when mixed with oils are not Moisturizing! Butters are what we like to call sealant. A sealant is agent used to lock in whatever is present. Thats right! So you must have moisture present, Butters lock in and if its dry baby you locking in dryness.


Lotions are water based and you guessed it moisturizing. They are easily absorbed into the skin. Great for quick rescue from dry skin. and However they do nothing to keep the moisture locked- in without help from other ingredients. Lotion can be mixed with other great skin loving ingredients like Vitamin E, avocado oil and other skin loving ingredients.

So their you have it both are great , but even more amazing together! Checkout my favorite skin rescue method below!

My favorite moisture retention method for skin is the LCO Method!

Liquid - Water or water based product (lotion)

Cream - Body cream with less water

Oil- Thick Sealant (Body butter)

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