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Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

It's that time of year when you buy gifts for the most important people in your life! Whether its your GF, BF or Wife I got the perfect gift ideas for you!

For the Sentimental Gift Lovers

Anything personalized will be sure to get the waterworks going! Think pictures of love ones

that have past or family pictures of the grands. Shutterfly is a great option for all things customized . For my last minute shoppers, don't worry I got you check out Amazon ! * Personalized gifts from Amazon usually still needs at least 3 or more day to get you that item. All else fail get a wicker basket , Cozy cover , Candle and giftcard for takeout 🥡 !

For the IDK Gift person

People think they are the hardest to buy for! Usually these individuals have

everything, aka they are shoppers. But in all actuality they are the easiest, they just love stuff. So know what they like is key here. If they are into purses , perfumes or clothing in general. You can scout out their collections or play it safe and get a gift card.

Whatever you decide I am almost certain that the person you gift will appreciate it! Just remember Christmas isn't about the gift anyway!

Happy Holidays Gleaux Babes!

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