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Everything about Starting a Skincare Business

So you want to start a Skincare business? Being a serial entrepreneur, I have created , help grow multiple business, and I must say beauty business are my favorite to create and grow. Starting any business can be super over whelming . So here is my Complete Guide on getting started with your skincare business.

Finding Product to Sale

First, things first, what do you want to sale? Beauty can be a broad category to leap into. You can do make-up, natural products etc. Are you going to make these products or private label products? Are you going to hire a chemist to custom make formulas? You can even sell items that don't involve making.Figuring out your 'niche" can help you with the next part, which is set-up.


After you know what you want to sale, choose a name. Make sure you look up your business name on google , then your states Secretary of Business site. If its free and clear decide whether you would like to register as a sole proprietor or a LLC. ( if their is only one member, their is no tax different)

Next, got the and get your FREE EiN number. You will need this to start establishing credit and to open a bank account

Getting Customers

Marketing strategy is next-up! Who are you customers? Where do they like to shop? What price would your customer purchase at? What is your marketing mix? Write all these down so that you have them for your business plan.

And there you have it! Starting a Skincare business doesn't have to be overwhelming. Let me know what other questions you have in the comments below ! 👇

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