Finding your Gleaux Series

Updated: Apr 5

The finding your Gleaux (Glow) series is a collection of phenomenal people sharing their story of finding love for themselves, business and whatever else sets their souls a blaze. Coming this June

What the heck is a Gleaux (Glow)?

A gleaux the feeling of illumination within that puts you at peace with life, thats so bright it shows outwards. Can be considered confidence , finding ones calling or true path or the j "aha moment".

Why is this important?

We need to see people of color from all walks of life from all ages figuring out life in different ways. Our narrative is important for the world to see. Imagine if these stories were available to read in high school. Many of us wouldn't have had these unrealistic expectation of having all of life figured out by 21, 25 or bet yet 30. Life is a growth through type of thing.

I hope this series can resonate with so many awesome people and offer solitude for the people trying to figure it out. I look forward to introducing you to some beautiful souls! Get ready for the finding your Gleaux series!

P.S. The best part is you can have Multiple Gleaux ups!


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