Time For a Gleaux Up!

Time for a Gleaux up is a call to action. It's time for you to stop dimming your light and be truly aware of how you feel on the inside effects the outside. My products inspire you to reclaim your time and get back to the Gleaux!


How did you come up with Conscious Gleaux?

It actually took me over 2 year to arrive here. I initially launched back in 2020 however felt it was missing something. This launch is more personal and on brand.

What does the name mean?

The name is my favorite part of the brand. It translate to awareness of your glow. I want everyone to be in alignment with what ignites their soul.

Why another beauty brand ?

I know its a million brands out there, but its only one ME! I want to see brands that truly care about melanated beings , that aren't low budget and packed with chemicals. I want to normalize melanated luxury in the skincare industry, with no b.s. products, period!